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Basilica Maria Radna 
Virtual Maria Radna

The place of pilgrimage is a sanctuary of awakening, reflection, guidance, strength and comfort especially for the catholic German speaking settlers on the Danube, which has been preserved and supported by orthodox Romanians, the greek-catholic religious community with their church services in Byzantine Rite and by those people that came afar from the shores of the Tisza and from Transylvania

Our Games

Became a virtual pilgrim and come to Maria Radna -Virtual Tour

Explore a quite place for soul that will bring hope


From 1668, Maria Radna Monastery has became a quiet place where people can have a bit of spirtiual warming


In the museum many Franciscan Order objects can be found and the visitor can understand how a monk life was


A symbolic path for the passions of Christ which can be experiment as a modern pilgrim 

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